TeamWins.org is a resource for digital product teams and managers looking for the best ways to create customer experiences that are innovative, engaging and valuable. 

Delivering customer value through websites and mobile apps requires a unique mix of technical, creative, and business skills. It is rare to find individuals with all of these skills, and as a result, the digital product team is a diverse and interdisciplinary one. This blog is dedicated to finding solutions that work for these teams. 

There are no simple answers or silver bullets. Whether you’re building your first website or mobile app or maintaining an integrated, multi-channel platform, the things that work for you and your team may not work for everyone. This community is dedicated to sharing with and learning from each other as we work together to meet our goals. 

So, welcome! We’re glad to have you here! Feel free to jump into the conversation! We’re always looking for new perspectives and new ways to tackle these challenges. Have an idea for something that would make this resource more helpful to you? Drop us a line, and we’ll try to respond!